Watching Movies: 5 Reasons it is Good For You

As a kid remember when your parents told you you’d go square-eyed if you watched too much television? Well, you’re parents are (kinda) wrong. Watching movies is actually quite good for you and here are the reasons why!



Laughter and even crying is the best medicine

According to scientists, laughter can boost your immune system and decrease the hormones that creates stress.

One study by the University of Maryland looked at the effects of watching comedy movies. They found that laughing at the film caused the subjects’ blood vessels to dilate, this lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. Even tragic films can have a positive effect on your brain chemistry too. A study found in Oxford University says that watching a traumatic film boosts the production of endorphins, a chemical associated with increased pain tolerance and, ironically, feeling good.


Watching the same movies all over again is good for you

A 2012 study found that rewatching a film all over again relaxes our brains – find them easy to process and the predictability is comforting. The nostalgia evoked by watching your favorite movie again and again can have positive effects on you. Nostalgia is often associated with wistfulness and melancholy, but recent research suggests it promotes positivity, boosts self-esteem and improves our social connection.



Watching a movie can make you smarter

Although this obviously depends on which film you’re watching. But a good documentary or an intelligent historical movie can educate you on important issues and events in a much more interesting and enjoyable way. Movies can also make you more emotionally intelligent. Watching films can even change our perspective on other people and issues we encounter on our daily lives, as well as increasing our understanding and sensitivity to other people around us.


They inspire you to become a better person

Whether we realize it or not, movies have a major effect on real life. Take Forest Gump for example in the movie “Forest Gump”. He struggles to become a better person each day and succeeds even when life rains him with problems. They can also have a great effect on our personal development too. In the U.S, The Karate Kid caused a full on karate schools, while Rocky has inspired people to take up boxing. In other words, watching a movie can inspire you to make positive changes in your life – even if it’s only small!


An escape route

No matter what you do or who you are, sometimes you just need a break, a get away from everything for a while. And what better way to do that than to go on a movie marathon. Imagine, jumping from plots to plots, what excitement and mixed emotions you can feel.