Why Movie Theater is Still The Best

The movie theater industry is now on the edge, thanks to online streaming, overpriced tickets and studios’ focusing more on common pitches. In the year 2015, the box-office got a big drop down in nearly two decades. There are obvious reasons for that since most films have long release these days; action remakes, franchised films, and reboots. But for a specific movie “Get Out”, it does not really matter! It hit $175,686,870 since it has a unique theme and vibe to it that only you can experience when watching in theaters. So, we listed a few of the things which makes watching in the theater the best.


Yes, watching visual storytelling on a 3-story screen is the best (compared to a 32-inch LCD). Just think of the Millennium Falcon jump into outer space in The Force Awakens. It is really tempting when watching in a dark space staring at a gigantic white sheet won’t matter if you have a beautiful 40+ inch TV in front of you. But, size has a different ability to move you. You are pulled into the sound and color, letting you feel like you’re in the movie yourself! There’s really nothing wrong if you watch a movie on your phone, tablet, or computer. It is just seeing something cinematic can blow your mind and feast your thoughts with unique, worthwhile experience.


A group of people laughing together can trigger a feeling that you should laugh too and if you’re watching a horror movie; they are also gasping their breaths. Even if you’re with your friends or family at home, when you go the theater, you’re refreshing a familiar social surrounding.


Let’s face it, when you’re at home you easily get distracted by small things, checking the fridge every 15 minutes, petting your dog, phones, people arguing in the next room. Even people who try their hardest not to flinch have fallen victim to temptations like, “Well, am I doing productive today? Might as well pay the phone bill.” When you’re in the movie theater, all you have is your seat, a 32-ounce coke and a face full of popcorns.


This is my favorite part! Who doesn’t love getting blast by unknown Japanese whispering when watching The Grudge? No one? Only me then. Horror movies, in particular, have a massive benefit: the jump scares are scarier and the screams are more blood-curdling. But, it doesn’t hurt to hear a beautiful pop song in the opening credit of a romance comedy.